I offer coaching sessions for singles, couples and teams.

Absolute freedom and total support are my guidelines. I help you to see the bigger picture, what dynamics run your life and how and why you are creating the reality you are in. It all makes sense, every situation is packed with the potential to realize who you truly are and what you are capable of.

My approach is unusual and provocative. I do not sugar coat your flaws and I am not your average therapist. When the lights and the shadows are aligned you will fly towards your goals in high-speed. When the conscious and the subconscious mind are aligned, there is no enemy to fight against any longer.

My coaching is for you if you are ready for next level experiences and serious about leaving limiting believes, lies and trauma behind.

The intense session with Rainer has changed my life at its roots for good. Working with him had a huge positive impact on many fields in my life. Mind blowing.

Amanda, 34, Teacher/Facilitator


I enjoy giving motivational talks on topics such as Consciousness, Love, Success, Flow, Relationships, Spirituality, Family, Sex, Group Dynamics, Money, Drugs and many more.

My talks have rather the character of workshops as I always integrate the audience, by giving practical examples on stage, connecting the group in some sort of exercise, by guided meditations and giving space for questions and answers.

Book me as entertaining food for thought for any summit, meeting and conference that needs some fresh air, something new, outside the box.

Haven’t seen or heard anything more deep, inspiring and uplifting than that for a long time.

Marc, 32, Entrepreneur


Over the years I have developed my own seminar format called Tribe.
Tribe is a special field of permission and freedom where you get in touch with your truth beyond right or wrong. This cutting edge future laboratory of human dynamics reveals the beauty of consciousness, the field of unlimited possibilities and the purpose of life itself.

Tribe means that we as individuals become interdependent and are share the experience of our potential that we can only have within a supportive community. The true glory of community in the Tribe sense is to bring the individual to rise through absolute freedom and total support facilitated by the group. When the openness and care of the group is that broad minded the individual flourishes to new heights which in turn lets the quality of the group rise. Tribe carries the potential to find the essential blueprint for future communities and social dynamics.

Tribe seminars are for you if you are interested in breakthrough self development, next level living, conscious creation and finding your missing link to freedom, happiness and love.

I have learned so much. Still, after two years the seminar is working from the inside out.
It was intense and different, but it was exactly what I was looking for, the real deal.

Kathrin, 36, Teacher/Therapist

Get your „First Aid in extrem times of change“ for free now!

From limitation creation to liberation creation. How to feel better and ressource instantly. How to boost and develop your daily practice of waking up.
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