I am a particle of the power of love in service towards this gigantic spectacle called creation, maintenance and destruction of the universe. Divine consciousness is my father and divine energy is my mother.
Even though I am eternal, free, blissful and loving by nature I experience myself in kind of a trance since time immemorial travelling through time and space identifying with countless life-forms in a multitude of wild adventures.
By free will and choice I step again and again into duality to forget who I am to later search for my true self and finally find my true self.

I cannot recall how many times I seemingly took birth, how often I hid my true identity in how many forms, it simply doesn´t matter really. Yes, it is all a mind blowing story if you will.
I enjoy sharing my insights and realizations with fellow hitchhikers through the galaxy and celebrate life to the fullest as homage to the creative genius behind it all. I beg you have a lot to share as well, how is your journey going?


I do not work. In this incarnation I play the role of a reminder for you, if you will.
I dedicate all my life to exploring and remembering who I actually am and for you it might be helpful or of interest what I have to share.

With the terms ‘actually’ or ‘truly’ I mean: Who am I from the most inclusive or highest perspective? From the highest perspective everything is more than just fine. It is all good, joyful, ecstatic and nothing but love and tremendous fun.
Wherever you’re at, whatever your path or goal is, I support you to become more conscious of your higher self and true nature.

I help you to realize that you are the creator of your reality and how you can be more in touch with and act from your highest truth.

Once you realize how and why you create your limitation it will be easy or more acceptable for you to realize how you can create your liberation.

I remind you of your liberated state. In essence you are free, happy and loving.
How this is true in your case, I show you in my talks, seminars and coaching sessions.
I create spaces where you can tune into the natural perfection of things, where you can wake up practically and realize your power of freedom and happiness behind the veil of limitations.


We are free, happy and loving by nature. Even forgetfulness of this fact is an act of love and creative ecstasy.
The limiting stories you were told about yourself and that you tell yourself constantly are simply options. It´s all pulp fiction. Love it or leave it. Accepting, believing and defining who you are, who you want to be and who you can be is only up to you. It´s all fantasy anyhow. The choice is yours.
There is no one ever to blame since there is no one ever guilty. This is a perfect co-creation of lost and found. Everything happens for good nothing else.
Why do we do what we do? What do we want or expect from our actions? We desire a certain feeling or sensation by doing something. At the end it all comes down to freedom, happiness and love. If you choose love you have everything you want and need. That can be done under any circumstance. In that way you can achieve your goal without performing and performing can just be fun.
A punishing, angry, judging God as well as suffering, hell and fear within religions are lies that you tell yourself to stay in limitation. Even on heavens door we have projected our limited ideas.
We are actors in a gigantic blockbuster called “The fall and rise of the soul.” Everyone of us deserves a special award since our acting is pretty perfect.
We are eternally free, happy and loving. Suffering is optional. It´s just a matter of realizing all of this.
There is great joy in creation, maintenance and destruction of the world. We are all part of this fest.
Separation, ignorance, fighting, suffering are coming from the same creative genius as connection, knowledge, peace and joy.
There is no imbalance within the universe. Good and evil are simply judgements and narrow-minded concepts of duality. The actual perception of black and white are one since they depend on one another.
Self realization can be achieved in a mere second. It´s just a matter of accepting the facts and believing in nothing else with one pointed devotion.
Spiritual world means: Every step is a dance, every word a song, everything a praise of the beautiful absolute. This realm isn´t far away, it´s right in front of you.
Never criticize.

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